Six factors to help you create a great website

I’m wondering how to create a great site to put me in bucks.
I would like to share some ideas with you in the hope it would be helpful.  [originally post on zausiu’s blog]

1. Content is the most important thing. If your website is a long-term business, don’t even think about black-hat SEO. Appropriate legal SEO is necessary, but it can’t be too over-killing. High quality content is worthier of your time and effort.Search engine’s algorithm is quickly changing. If your website is friendly to the visitor, it’s friendly to SE too.

2. Visitors can benifit from your site. That’s why they will come back. Useless website cannot survive in the internet world.

3. In the huge wave of SNS age, take advantage of the SNS is a must. As you know, something sprend in social network like infectious virus.

4. If you have enough time and technology support. Consider develop related desttop version application and app for mobile phone. Those apps must be able to update automatically, and you can control them in the server side. So, you can push all kinds of infomation to the apps, which will guide the users to visit your website, so your site traffic increases. What is more, the apps will be released to various kinds of download sites. Most likely your website URL will be post there which are your high-quality external links. You surely know how much the high-quality external links means to your site.

5. You’d better have a team, even though you are versatile and are able to play a number of roles. Remember it’s not a age for lone heroes any more, everybody is limited in some aspects.

[originally post on zausiu’s blog]

6. Your site have a central theme. The content are basically about this core. Don’t make your website like a hodgepodge. Visitors don’t like this, so is search engine. It is preferable that you personally have much interests in this theme and You are a expert on this field.

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